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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Wanted! Blog Writers!

Would you like to be a guest blogger on InternetMarketerr.com?

I invite members of my online community to submit articles for consideration. Read on to learn more…

Why do I offer guest blogging spots?

I feel strongly that it greatly benefits other members.

When our members get the opportunity to hear what others think, and they can learn about new techniques and successes, it benefits everyone. So we continually seek new, high quality blog posts that provide readers with these valuable insights.

What are we looking for?

Readers get the most out of actual case studies! Use your business experience to present a case example of how you successfully put a concept or method into action. Then give clear actionable advice, with step-by-step instruction. Offer screenshots of the process and the results when possible.

Guidelines for submission:

  1. Blog posts must be 100% original and must not be previously published elsewhere.
  2. Posts must educate Internet Marketers and provide personal insight to the business. We don’t want re-hashed content anyone can find on the web. Posts should be filled with practical tips and helpful information.
  3. Posts must be at least 750 words.
  4. All editing should be done prior to submission to us.
  5. Posts must have proper grammar, spelling and formatting.
  6. IMPORTANT! Use good SEO, with the 3 top keywords placed in the H1 heading, H2 subheads, and throughout the body with bold, underlined and italicized. For help, use this SEO Guide.
  7. You will be contacted if we are going to proceed with your idea.
  8. We do not accept guest posts for the purpose of getting links back to your site. The post must offer relevant, high-quality information for our readers.

If your guest blog is accepted:

  1. If we publish your post, you are giving us exclusive rights to this specific post and it cannot be reproduced anywhere else.
  2. You can include one link to your website or your social media profile in the footer of the article.

How do I get started?

It’s simple. Just contact us at lisa@InternetMarketerr.com if you are interested. Supply us with:

  • a short description of the post
  • top 3 keywords
  • your website
  • links to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts

Good Luck!

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!