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Multi Commander v6

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Multi Commander v6

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Multi Commander v6

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It has been a long time since the moment when our site did not publish a new file manager, now the day has come. If you want to download Multi Commander in our project during the newsletter, you will get an excellent managerto work with files with tabs and an excellent alternative to the standard Windows Explorer. Pay attention that in ancient times the program was paid after the developer has not been greedy and totally consisting of twelve, this is a plus.

Multi Commander works with popular and highly efficientdisplaying support information, you get two panels for a more useful task in the files. According to the developers of this program, there is absolutely everything you need for convenient work with files, now you need to spend more time for simple operations. Of course,you get all the usual functions of the file manager, that is, say that you can copy, move, rename and perform other operations in the selected files.

The MultiDe command has several additional functions, for example, with support for automatic extraction of files,automatic sorting, viewing files, editing the registry and connecting to external servers, ie, there is FTP support. You can view all types of files and images and support scripts for a large number of operations to automate. Multi Commander interfaceit is very easy to use, at first it is not always a little, it seems too much, but then it is quickly used, with the support of Russia, so to understand that a large number of institutions will not be very complicated. In general, the program that you like is not called.

Thankstabs you can open the same panel with many tabs, it’s very convenient, I always installed it. With built-in caching it can be easier to view files. With the help of Multi Commander you can customize the appearance of the interface. You can change the background color and other settings forthe main window. You can add the program to different plug-ins, the permissions can be set for different files, do not forget the large number of viewers, that is, you can not only see photos and documents, but also listen to the audio composition. General color over Multi Commander can takea lot of time, especially in many programs, on the official website, you can read all the details, and I received a brief review.

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