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Letasoft Sound Booster

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Letasoft Sound Booster

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Letasoft Sound Booster

Letasoft Sound Booster increases the maximum sound level of your computer in case you experience problems with listening to the program you are using.

Adopting a sound barrier

Do not shoot videos from YouTube, whose range is much smaller than normal, to a point that almost does not hear, would youwas he crazy? Do you have listening problems in general that make it difficult to use some of your computer programs?

Letasoft Sound Booster gives you the volume of your mobile speaker volume up to 500%. This changeChangeautomatically applies to all the programs you haveuse on your computer. Your ears will stop working until you increase the volume too much.

Letacoft Sound Booster is very basic in this regard. We would like to set the volume for each program. For example, we would like to increase the scope of GTA 5 gamesfor 93%, but in Ioutube we will only need a 24% increase. Unfortunately, developers of this kind of options and need to go back and adjust the volume every time you change the programs.

It’s so easy to usewhen we need only one position

Letasoft Sound Booster is very easyfor installation and use. The installation process takes only a few seconds, and then the program will appear with the icons on the system tray in the taskbar. You just need to click to decide on the percentage of increasing the volume you want, from 0 to 500%.

It’s simpleand effective, maybe!

It should be noted that Letasoft Sound Booster is not 100% free. After 14 days, the trial period expires right then you will need to pay the licenseif you want to continue using the program.

Letasoft Sound Booster is made for one purpose, which is very well executed.The only problem is its extreme simplicity; we would like to help them a little further.

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