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Death Wish 2018

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Death Wish 2018

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Death Wish 2018

The family became vigilant killer machines when his family was attacked by robbers. Dr. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) – The only one who looks at the consequences of urban violence, when he broke into his wife- His wife Elizabeth Shue and Camilla Morrone who were brutally assaulted in their suburbs. When the police, violated by crime, Paul, burning their anger, hunting their family attackers to achieve justice.When the criminal prosecution estimates have attracted the attention of the media, the city wondered if this mortal student is the guardian of the wizard. Anger and frustration that hinder exciting action.

PaulKersey becomes a divided man: Men who save lives and men takes; A husband and father who tries to take care of their families and shades of crime figures in Chicago; Experts who release guns from suspect organs,And carefully called Grim Reaper, where the detective closed quickly.

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