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Overboard 2018

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Overboard 2018

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Overboard 2018

Overboard focuses on Leonardo (Eugenio Derbez), selfish, disillusioned rich playboy of the richest families Mekicos and Kate (ANNA Faris), the three young workers class hired to clean Leonardos luxury hunting. After shooting Kate and unfairly refused to pay, Leonardoay falls in the box when you go out and the Oregon amnesia kisses up. Kate appears at the hospital and, to return, Leonard guarantees that his wife works for him – for the first time in his life. Initially he wasUnfortunately, with no ability, Leonardo slowly slowed down. In the end, he gets the respect of his new family and colleagues. But in Billard’s family will the billionaires who are hot on their belt and the possibility of his memory come back at any time, end the last family, or the end of the songs and they will go forever?

Missing, The rich hunting owner hasis discarded and became the target of retaliation of his abused employee. Make a comedy since 1987.

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