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Emoji Movie Kd 2018

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Emoji Movie Kd 2018

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Emoji Movie Kd 2018

Not in the message program is Textopolis, a bustling city where all your favorite emotions live, and the hope of being selected by the phone user. In this world, every emoticon has only one description on the surface – except Jin, a great emotionally impressive and multilingual expression. She decided to be the same as other emotionally, Jean returns to help her best Hai-5 and Jailbreak popular. Along with them they begin an adventure of the epic application through the mobile applications, each with the worldIts wild and fun to get a code, who will help Gene. But when the greatest danger ends the phone, the fate of all emotions depends on these wonderful friends who should save their world before they cancel it forever.

In this NINJAGO adventure the main screen fighting for NINJAGO City calls young builders Lloyd, a green ninja with his friends, who are a secret ninja fighters. Under the guidance of Master Wu, as wise as wisdom, must be zlotovoenachalnik Garmadon, the worst Guy,who also becomes father Lloyd too. To control the mech against the father and the father against the child, the epic struggle will be this fierce but invalid team of modern ninja which should learn to control and collect your ego to allow your Spinjitzu inside.

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