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DownThemAll! is a powerful yet easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox plugin that adds new advanced downloading capabilities to your browser.

If you want to download everything on one page, it is a good time-consuming and careful process. DownThemAll! It’s a waste.

This oneDiscover A smart download driver is absolutely everything that can be downloaded on the download page. You choose to download a simple job list by checking the box. You can quickly see which pictures, videos, audio files and more. Due toof their filename extensions.

You can also refine your prints with customizable criteria to get just the types of files you really want. What’s more, Download DownThemAll! Get lightning faster than Firefox’s default download driver, which is difficult for any part of the imagination anyway.

DownThemAll Developers! They claim that it can be up to 400% faster and as long as it is assessed, there is no doubt that it is very fast. Of course, it supports the resume of downloadsof many so that you can only leave DownThemAll! It works when you’re away or away from the computer and at the end you get all the files you want.

DownThemAll! is a brilliant plugin that should be default in Firefox.


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Solution: Potential and confirmed (low) memory dismissal

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