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World Cricket Championship 2

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World Cricket Championship 2

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World Cricket Championship 2

Cricket World Cup 2 is a fun, realistic 3D cricket game. Make your players and your team bring personal touch to cricket at the highest level.

Competition in impressive 3D graphics

Cricket World Cup 2 provides outstanding graphics and animations thatprovide a satisfactory backdrop to the challenges it offers. There are 5 different matches to dominate before you become a sports champion. The graphic display is a smooth part of the bottom of a large amount of animation in the game. In fact, there are more than 100 animated stop movementsturned on. From a good perspective, there is also a professional professional commentary input to present pure excellence in the experimental process. With the improvement of players through training and practice, as well as injury, and the choice of using multiple camera angles,this game has a comprehensive deep experience.

Realism in Cricket

The facts offered in the World Cricket Championship 2 will be very exciting for the fans of this sport. There are many options for playing and different rules and features that you will find in real-world cricket. Participantsin the AI ​​can be a challenge for those who want to play solo games. The use of different stadiums really contributes to the overall polished game.

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